Most people recognize me as Dikken, because it's seen everywhere. On my van, on my own materials and tools, on the stuff I build,... And I like to keep it that way because I am who the hamburgers made me. Or the beer. Whatever, I like to eat burgers and drink some beer in my spare time. Country living.

I also like vans and trucks, also like working on them. I didn't make a degree for that but it's just some sort of a passion. I work now as a driver for a shop with industrial materials, where I also sell tools and pneumatic components.


Date of birth: 28 / July / 1990

Nationality: Belgian

Address: Not the city

Email: contact@dikken.be

Phone: +32 493 027 077


My first years in high school where pretty interesting. That went from cooking to sewing, from working with wood to metal. At the end I knew that I would choose for wood because it gave me a warmer feeling and you can use it for almost everything. When I had my Special Degree of Woodworking Class 2009, I couldn't find work because of the crisis in '08. That's when I started working in a production hall where we made PVC doors and windows which was also my first real job where I worked for about five years. Later in '14 I was looking to switch jobs to have something more in logistics and that's how I became a driver for the company where I still work. The company has a good reputation of building heavy industrial machinery and their metalworks. Now I'm also processing orders from customers and I place orders to our suppliers. Random job but I like working with people as long there is two-way respect.


I'm working on several things at one time. I can't manage to take photo's from everything I make or have made. I try to take as many pictures as I can from all the work I'm doing, but before and afters are hard to find. In the Projects tab you can find some of my work and I'm the legit owner of the pictures and proud of the work I've done. Keep an eye on the Projects tab because it's always under construction.

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